Tours for Cruisers To Do in The Bahamas

A lot of visitors of the Bahamas visit the islands by arriving by cruise ships. We welcome all of these visitors, and want to help plan out the tours you’d like to do ahead of time, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your cruise while other passengers scramble to get into a tour that isn’t already booked up. So let us share a little secret of what the top tours that get booked by cruisers are, so you can get a head start on your vacation.

  • Bahamas Booze Cruise
    The Bahamas Booze Cruise offers one of the coolest parties you could attend. This one of a kind booze cruise offers snorkeling and different premade cocktails such as The Goombay Smash, The Fruity Yellow Bird, and the famous Bahama Mama. And to top off this awesome party, it ends with a limbo contest!

  • Nassau and Freeport Dolphin Close Encounters
    This tour is fun and easy, and family friendly. It is a once in a lifetime chance to get so up close and personal with a dolphin, and work with their trainers to learn how they teach them new tricks. There is a Nassau Dolphin Close Encounter and a Freeport Dolphin Close Encounter. If you’re looking to get in the water and swim with the dolphins, check out our Bahamas Dolphin Encounterpage for the right fit for your vacation.

  • Stuart Cove Snorkeling
    The Stuart Cove Bahamas Snorkel Adventure is one of the best snorkeling adventures you could ever have. This Bahamas adventure is one of the best snorkeling and most popular in Nassau. The courteous staff helps patrons with every on board need, and gets its patrons to clear and calm waters that have the best visibility for snorkeling.

  • Sensational Snorkeling Sea Safari
    Freeport’s best snorkeling tour, and highest rated tour, is the Sensational Snorkeling Sea Safari . This tour is extremely family friendly, and has so much to do, that there is something for everyone. On board is a slide for the kids, even the big ones at heart, to slide into open waters for some really great snorkeling spots. There is also an onboard rock-climbing wall for anyone who wants to try and conquer it. And the crew can prepare meals and cocktails on board whenever it is requested.

  • Lucayan Jet Ski Island Tour
    If you’re a really energetic personality, looking for some pumped up fun, than look no further than the Lucayan Jet Ski Island Tour. This exciting, water based tour is a fully guided tour, with exclusive looks at Peterson’s Cay, and Millionare’s Row. The guide not only takes you for a tour, but also shows you secret diving technique to dive for starfish.

  • Lucayan Parasailing
    Another great activity to add to your list of things to do on your Bahamas vacation is the Lucayan Parasailing Tour. Soar high above the highest point of the islands at 300 feet, and see wildlife in the water below. This tour is suitable for all ages, and truly a different angle of the world.

We would also like to remind our guests to make sure you know what ship time is, and what the local time is so there is no confusion about tour departures and arrivals. If you would like to see more that is offered in the area that you will be spending the most time in, we suggest you take a look at our Things To Do page, and see what there is to do in Nassau and Freeport.