Top Seafood Restaurants in the Bahamas

Things to do in Bahamas might include swimming with the dolphins, lounging on a pristine white beach, or enjoying the island culture. One thing you don't want to miss out on is the great seafood. The following are some of the best seafood restaurants in the Bahamas.

Billy Joe's on the Beach

Billy Joe's is considered local cuisine for the whole family. This little shack on the beach might not look like much, but it's famous for a variety of conch dishes. Billy Joe's serves up conch salad and is known to be generous with the drinks. They also serve up lobster, shrimp, and grouper. This local hangout is located on Lucaya Beach in Freeport.

Queen Conch

If you're craving conch salad, stop by Queen Conch along Bay Street on Harbour Island. It's reported that the owner dives for his own mollusks at various locations around the Bahamas so he and his wife can prepare their fresh, authentic conch salad.

Twin Brothers

Twin Brothers in Nassau is considered real Bahamian food. It's located along a strip that's sometimes referred to as "the fish fry." Visitors can choose from a variety of seafood entrees that include grouper, fried snapper, cracked lobster, salmon, shrimp, and combination plates. Twin Brothers is also famous for daiquiris.

The Poop Deck

Located on East Bay Street in Nassau, the Poop Deck is consistently rated one of the best seafood restaurants in the Bahamas. There is also a second restaurant located in Sandyport. The menu includes appetizers, salads, and several entree options. Native grouper fingers, Mama Mary's fish, and Poop Deck lover's delight are just a few of the options.

The Blue Lagoon

Located on the Paradise Island, the Blue Lagoon is a well-known dining spot in the Bahamas. The restaurant prepares seafood in both the classical way and Bahamian style. Diners can choose from a wide variety of delicious dishes that include lobster fettuccine, scampi au lagoon, and stone crab claws with lemon butter. When trying to find things to do in Bahamas, you won't want to miss the Blue Lagoon.

Rainbow Inn Seafood and Steak House

The Rainbow Inn offers organic salads and fresh seafood brought in daily. Eleuthera fish can be ordered piccatta, jerked, grilled, blackened, parm crusted, or coconut curried. This casual inn is located on Eleuthera Island. The Rainbow Inn provides great native food and also has seating with views to the gorgeous Bahama sunset.

The Crab House & Seafood Emporium

The Crab House can be found on Collins Avenue in Nassau. This upscale eatery is open for lunch and dinner. They offer lunch specials during the week and provide carryout as well. Some of the dishes include creamy conch chowder, a crab & shrimp salad sandwich, and herb dusted fried calamari.