The Rand Memorial Nature Center

Visitors that come and participate in a Freeport Bahamas eco tour, usually get done wanting more. Grand Bahama Island has been blessed with lush, and gorgeous greenery and flowers. This is especially prevalent and present in The Bahamas National Trust Rand Nature Center.

The Rand Memorial Nature Center consists of about 100 acres of gardens and tropical landscapes to revel at. Take in the fresh and salty air of the island in a botanical garden, and imagine taking deep breaths to cleanse your soul. This nature center is home to thousand of different bird species, all of which will sing visitors through the preserve. This park is teeming with Bahamian wildlife, and is a treasure to the locals.

This center has over 2,000 feet of trails, which are well maintained for visitors to clearly see without confusion. This is one of the most popular national parks of Freeport, with the Lucayan National Park ranking first. Located just minutes away from Freeport’s downtown area, this park is the most accessible park for visitors. And the park has a great deal for admissions, making it one of the most popular thing to do for families. The park uses all money made from admissions toward the care of the plants, and animals.

The Rand Nature Center was attained by the Bahamas National Trust in 1992, and has cleaned it up and taken care of the park ever since. The park is a self-guided tour that leads down a long botanical trail showing many types of orchids, and native plants and trees along the way. This would be the best place to visit for bird lovers, and avid birdwatchers, seeing how there are over a thousand species of exotic birds.

There are animals the park takes care of and adopted that are on display as well, including the one-eyed parrot and a real life Bahama Boa, which is on the brink of being an endangered species.

Those who are looking for a guided tour of the park should wait to visit on Tuesdays or Thursdays, when the tour leaves the visitor center at 10:30 a.m. For more information on the Rand Memorial National Park, you can visit the official Bahamas National Trust website to learn more.