The Bahamas Weather

The islands of the Bahamas are known for being sunny, breezy with a collection of white and pink sand beaches, and crystal clear waters. While that is mostly true, the Bahamas is set in the Atlantic, in the most tropical zone of the world, so it is to be expected to have some serious rain and storms. Fortunately, there seems to be a pattern to follow for the most part when it comes to the weather, and you can use that to your ability to plan out your vacation to the Bahamas.

The Season

The “season” for the Bahamas is when the tourist traveling season peaks at the highest during mid-December to mid-April. This is due to people fleeing the north to find comfort in the warm sun of the Caribbean. The weather during this season is generally around 75 degrees and is comparable to the late winter spring of the East Coast of the U.S. It usually entails a crisp and light air that can get a little chilly during the night hours. This is, however, when hotels charge the most for your stay, so be prepared for a more expensive trip. If you can bare the cold for a little, the prices drop drastically during the off-season, and the weather gets much warmer during the off-season.

Hurricane Season

It’s unfortunate that this is occurs in such a beautiful place such as the Bahamas, but its necessary to talk about and be prepared for this. Hurricanes are usually sparse, and few and far between, but the reality is, there’s a possibility. Hurricanes are really nothing to panic about, since technology gives you plenty of time to deliberate your plan. It’s also good to buy a travel insurance plan to cover this if it does end up happening. Hurricane season runs from June 1st to November 1st, so make sure to plan accordingly if you book your stay in the Bahamas during that time.


The off-season for the Bahamas starts in mid-April and lasts to mid-December. Temperatures during the summer months reach higher and get more humid, and can get as high as 85 degrees. It is extremely tolerable since it has the constant sea breeze and has some other advantages of visiting during the summer as well. Beaches and pools are less crowded, most often don’t need a dinner reservation, tour packages tend to be on sale, and boutiques tend to feature summer sales to stay in business. But there is a downside of coming to the Bahamas in the summer months. Most of the hotels wait for the off-season to do any renovations, which may mean you’re waking up to the sound of hammers and drills, and services and tours are usually reduced. Unattached tourist may find the dating scene better in the wintertime when more people come to visit.

Bahamas is ready for you to come and visit, and would love to have you soak up the sun’s rays. More often than not you’ll have the perfect weather on your vacation. It's apparent that the weather in the Bahamas stays mild and warm, so that makes it easy to book any of the awesome things to do in the Bahamas.