Port Lucaya Marketplace and Marina

One incredible sight and popular tourist destination in Grand Bahama Island is the Port Lucaya Marina and Marketplace. The Port Lucaya Marina is the gateway to Grand Bahama Island, and has been called the “Home of the Big Yachts”. In this full service marina, visitors will see all types of sizes of boats, and will be amazed by the amenities and services offered from this modern boating facility.

This modernized port has state-of-the-art technology to further accommodate all of the boaters that have docked in Port Lucaya Marina. The best part about this new-age port, is the friendly staff, and all of the amenities that are offered: free wireless internet, CATV, fresh water, metered electric, a business center, meeting area, laundry, yacht cleaning, catering, and a Concierge. There is an easy access, short walk to the Customs and Immigration office located within Port Lucaya Marina, making it as convenient as possible for visitors to relax while receiving clearance to travel amongst the Bahamas by boat.

At the Port Lucaya Marina, there are two berthing wings on each side of the marina. One of the berthing wings is home to the Port Lucaya Marketplace, and the other is the Sea Garden Wing. The Sea Garden Wing is the more calm and relaxed side of Port Lucaya, with access to tropical gardens, and the Port Lucaya Resort and Yacht Club swimming pool.

The Port Lucaya Marketplace is a popular tourist area for visitors to get to enjoy. Filled with lots of shopping, entertainment, restaurants and bars, this place is a great stopping point on a Freeport Bahamas vacation.

The Port Lucaya Marketplace provides a different type of atmosphere for shoppers with an open-air shopping and entertainment while overlooking the water. This is one of the most cultured places to see in all of the Bahamas, as it is rich with Bahamian heritage and traditions, and is home to an international presence. Visitors from all over flock to see the famous Port Lucaya Straw Market, where artists and talented craftsman create objects like hats, baskets and flowers out of straw.

The Port Lucaya Marketplace is the only place in the where visitors can walk and shop on the waterfront of a peninsula and find a Straw Market next to up-scale designer stores such as Gucci, and Nautica. This is also a great stopping point to poke in a jewelry shop for a great bargain on duty free fine jewelry and gemstones. After visitors are done with shopping, they can head over to grab a bite to eat and a drink while enjoying some local Karaoke, dance bands, or Junkanoo evenings. And with whatever cash is left over, head over the Treasure Bay Casino and have some gambling fun.

Bahamas Tour center offers a Biking, Shopping, and Beach tour that give visitors the chance to shop at the Port Lucaya Marketplace.