Nightlife In The Bahamas

Travelers from all over the world make it down to the sunny Caribbean islands of the Bahamas to experience the laid-back and inviting island atmosphere that the Bahamas are known for. With tourism as the number one industry in the Bahamas, tourists who make it to the islands are treated like royalty. And this includes making sure everyone who comes here is having a fun, relaxing, and unforgettable experience. While the Bahamas might not have the party reputation of other vacation hot spots such as Cabo San Lucas or Cancun, the nightlife scene in both Nassau Bahamas and Freeport Bahamas has lots to offer. For one thing, gambling is legal for tourists in the Bahamas, and the islands are home to four massive casinos. Jumping aboard a boat for a sunset cruise or a Bahamas booze cruise is another great way to start off your night surrounded by music, good people, and plenty of tasty Bahamian drinks. Then there are of course the clubs and lounges, many of which can be found in the ground floors of luxury Bahamas resorts. Here is our quick guide to Bahamas nightlife.

Casinos in the Bahamas

One of the biggest attractions in the Bahamas for a lot of people is the fact that gambling is completely legal here (for tourists and foreigners only, that is). The islands boast four massive casinos and gambling establishments, two located on New Providence andtwo in Grand Bahama. On New Providence, one of the casinos is located on Cable Beach (the Crystal Palace Casino) and the other is located on the luxury resort Atlantis on Paradise Island (called the Atlantis Casino). The Atlantis Casino is the most popular casino in the Bahamas, featuring stunningly gorgeous and elegant decor as well as live entertainment in the casinos several lounges. You can truly get lost and spend hours in this casino. The other two casinos in the Bahamas are located on Grand Bahama: The Casino at Bahamia is found on Freeport Bahamas and tropical-styled Our Lucaya is found in the Lucaya area of Grand Bahama. Out of these two, Our Lucaya is the more popular featuring live shows and entertainment on most nights.

Clubs, Bars, and Lounges

Both Nassau and Freeport Bahamas have excellent options for nightclubs, bars, and lounges. If you are spending the day or the night in the Atlantis Resort and checking out their amazing Atlantis Casino, take some time to check out the fantastic Dragons nightclub. Here, you will find nightly DJs spinning popular dance, pop, and electronic tracks as well as live entertainment on top of the 10-foot tall bandstand stage. Back on the main island (New Providence), you can find amazing nightly dance parties at Club Waterloo, complete with a huge dance floor and five convenient bars. In downtown Nassau, check out The Drop Off (a popular nightlife spot with energetic dance parties and live entertainment in a popular basement setting) and Club Fluid (featuring two dance floors playing top hits in world music, hip hop, and R&B as well as nightly themes such as Girls Night Out Thursdays and Reggae Sundays). On Grand Bahama island, check out Club Amnesia, the Safari Lounge, and Studio 69.

Bahamas-Style Entertainment

Aside from the bars, clubs, and resort lounges, the two main islands of the Bahamas are jam-packed with great entertainment for people of all ages. Bahamas sunset cruises and Bahamas dinner cruises, provided by Best On Bahamas, are an excellent way to start off your night and be thoroughly entertained by live dance and theatrical acts, dancing, and great interactions with local crew members. The Country Club at Bahamia in Freeport puts on a great production titled the Goombaya Show, showcasing the island's unique history and culture. The show includes a delicious Bahamian buffet. Many of the resorts in both Freeport and Nassau Bahamas feature nightly entertainment for guests and others who want to join in on the fun. Pretty soon you will be doing the limbo, dancing the dollar dance or the electric slide, and taking part in the fun and celebration of life that is characteristic of the Bahamas.