Fort Charlotte

One of the most exciting and cool historic sites to see in all of the Bahamas has to be the well-known Fort Charlotte. One of the cool things to do in Nassau Bahamas for the whole family is to check out the local historical landmarks on vacation. All the locals of the Bahamas have collectively agreed that Fort Charlotte is a must see while visiting the Bahamas.

Fort Charlotte of Nassau is a one of the oldest structures throughout the islands, and is one of the few sites that is open for the public to see year round. The fort is just a short walk from downtown, sitting just west of the cruise ship terminal. This structure is said to have been built by British colonial governor Lord Dunmore, and is said to have been built in the year of 1789.

Although, Fort Charlotte has never been used in battle, it has been around since the end of the American Revolutionary War. This military complex is one of three forts on the islands, which are Fort Stanley, and Fort D’Arcy. Because of their locations and highly organized defense system, the island deterred and discouraged any invaders, and never had to result in any violence because of this.

Today, Fort Charlotte is well equipped with an educational tour, and displays of how one’s life at the fort may have been on a daily basis. Reenactments and weapon firing also happen on a daily basis, so visitors can really feel like they’ve taken a step in Bahamas past, and relive the history by trying to protect Nassau from pirates, and criminals.

Come visit this amazing historic site that lays only roughly 15-20 minutes away from Cable Beach, and see the botanical gardens it has at the entrance. For more information on visiting Fort Charlotte, and hours of operations, visit the Antiquities Monuments and Museums Corporation website.