Food in the Bahamas

Bahamas is most notably famous for it’s tropical flair, white sand beaches, and fun water activities such as snorkeling, SCUBA diving, and fishing. But what visitors don’t expect is the delicious cuisine the Bahamas has to offer. The Bahamas has some of the sweetest cocktails to sip on while eating the official foods of Bahamas, seafood. Seafood is fresh in the Bahamas, and there are so many ways to eat it. Here are some of the Bahamian famous dishes that may be served to you on your vacation to the Bahamas.

1.) Fresh Conch

Conch is one of the most associated foods to the Bahamas, and for good reason. Straight out of the ocean, this type of mollusk is one of the most desired seafood in the world. In the Bahamas, it’s not unlikely that you’ll find conch to be in most dishes served. A local and visitor’s favorite is the world famous Conch Chowder. This chowder is much like the clam chowder, but with fresh seafood from the waters surrounding the Bahamas.

2.) Fresh Seafood

If you consider yourself a fresh seafood connoisseur, then you have come to the right place. The Bahamas has a wide range of different choices, and is also some of the freshest seafood in the Caribbean and Atlantic waters. In the Bahamas, you’ll have your choice of lobster, crab, Stone Crab claws, fresh conch, shrimp, mussels, and scallops. They are caught and prepared by seafood experts, the locals!

3.) Crab Salad

Crab salad is almost a written passage if you ever plan on coming to the Bahamas. Land crabs that you can catch a glimpse crawling about the islands at night throughout the Caribbean are caught for the crab salad. The crabs are usually served baked or boiled and mixed with locally grown vegetables. A normal crab salad will usually consist of lime juice, onions, and home made, fresh mayonnaise.

4.) Johnny Cakes

Johnny Cakes are a biscuit type of treat that is served all over the Caribbean, and you will definitely see them in the Bahamas. These scrumptious doughy starch cakes are comparable to Southern comfort food, and are a perfect pairing with the Bahamas famous fresh Conch Chowder. It is a sweeter type of bread, like cornbread, and baked with spices. These date back to settlers of the Bahamas who were able to cook this on their boats, and were originally called “journey cakes”. Over time, the cakes started to be called Johnny Cakes, and the rest is history.