Bahamian Music and Heritage Festival

The Bahamas are brimming with culture, thanks to local artists, writers, and musicians. The locals have been keeping the island traditions alive through the years, and keeping customs of their ancestors by teaching them to their children, and their children’s children. This is all very present in the very fun event of the Bahamian Music and Heritage Festival.

The Bahamian Music and Heritage Festival is an fun and exciting way to explore the colorful world of the Bahamas culture has to offer. This festival is a great way the whole family to enjoy the day together with lots of activities to be had. There are many things to do in the Bahamas, so this addition to a Bahamas vacation is a great way to have the full scope of what the Bahamas has to offer.

The festival is usually held in March, and features activities for all walks of life. This includes activities such as storytelling, singing, poetry reading, and a Bahamian sloop exhibition (boats). There will be tons of fun contests to participate in, whether for a kid or a big kid! Some will be involving sugar cane peeling, conch cracking, and onion peeling. This will also be a great way to get educated on the history of the Bahamas with attending the heritage corner, which shows the history, some of the arts, like wood and conch shell carvings will be on display.

One of the best part about attending the Bahamian Music and Heritage Festival is getting a taste of the local cuisine. Local vendors will cook up some of their best dishes that best reflect the traditional ways of cooking in Bahamian culture. Dig into the fresh seafood dishes and chow on some delicious fried conch. The biggest attraction of the festival is the explosion of angelic vocals the local and national gospel artists. It is quite the sight to see, and sound to hear.

The Bahamian Music and Heritage Festival is held at the Regatta Park in George Town, with the nearby Exuma International Airport. It is recommended that visitors stay overnight, to experience the full scope of the festivities. There are plenty of things to do in Bahamas, with tons of events and festivals happening year round. Book your Bahamas vacation today and visit the Exumas for the Bahamian Music and Heritage Festival.